Family photo

Day 3 in the NICU. Us and the little peanut. She was 3 lbs, 3 oz. approximately one month ago. We look beat.  So many tubes hooked up to her lil' body. She felt very FRAGILE {pronounced "fra-ji-lee" like in the movie "Christmas Story" when they unwrap the leg lamp. Remember?! No...ok.}

Taken this past weekend. We had a date night complete with dressy attire, a visit with Livie and an indulgent dinner at Spiaggia. girl is now 4 lbs, 7 oz. and totally ditched all her tubes. She even takes all her feedings by bottle! What? Who's a genius. Livie is that's who!!

Rumor has it among the nurses that SOMEBODY will be home for Father's Day if not before. ahem...cough...cough.

That's for you Miss B...see, chicks are fighters! Preemie power to you! {lightening bolts coming from Olivia's hands as she raises them to the sky}

P.S. Yes, I am tired and delusional.