Creature comforts: tomato soup, down blankets, hot cocoa...a great concealer. Yup, I said it. A great concealer has now become a daily necessity for me and while mass drugstore brands have always worked just fine, I've stepped it up a notch and it was so so worth it!

Behold - Confessions of a Concealaholic by Benefit! I started eyeing this perfect little palette in March. Now July...I finally took the plunge this week. For $36, you will find a solution for every possible situation you encounter. Dark eyes, no prob - try the erase paste. Need a primer for the eyelids - give the lemonade a whirl. How about some industrial strength concealer for those long nights {OLIVIA!} - enter boi-ing! You get the gist and if you were to buy all these products a la carte, the cost would retail somewhere around $112 so for a kit retailing at $36; I consider this extremely economic! {it even comes with a "how-to" manual on how to maximize each product in the kit}

Also, because I am a retail gal's dream have to try the POREfessional. I must wear a sign on my forehead that reads, "I love beauty and smart packaging." Whilst visiting the Benefit store on Armitage, the sales gal applied this on the sides of my nose, chin and forehead. It's basically a lightweight balm that works on any skin color or tone that makes even the largest of pores disappear. I kid you not. I have pores the size of Arkansas so this product had its work cut out. It absorbs into the skin immediately and you can apply it over or under your makeup. Brilliant.

And finally - a new and uber talented blogger friend, Danielle of Breakfast at Toast, made a visit yesterday to photograph Olivia. Let's just say this woman has some mad skills. She's the baby whisperer. And extraordinarily patient because Olivia was new to the photo shoot concept. Her antics included but are not limited to peeing on my velvet chair {twice}, crying mid-sess and requiring fuzzy blankets for warming breaks. Ahhh...the good life!