Outfit of the Day: 27 week profile

27 weeks...here I am! Excited to reach that third trimester and get this show on the road. Dressing somewhat fashionable has become an increasing challenge but I welcome it. Still haven't purchased anything per my Lenten promise {Grrrr} but when this is over...it has become evident to me that I need some more tops. Case and point: the one I am wearing in this picture...yeah, that used to be a mini-dress I wore to the bars! Yikes! Times have changed.

The deets:
  • Tunic/dress: F21
  • Trousers: Pea in the Pod
  • Patent wedges: F21
  • Watch: M+D for my 21st birthday
The occasion: Work Meeting {again}

Interesting note: this picture marks the last time I wore these wedges. That very same day, I fell face forward on all 4's. Not a pretty sight and it hurt pretty dang bad. I'm done with you high heels...just plain done...for now.