Litany of Love

  1. This fringe shawl is so versatile. It's on my wish list.
  2. I love this interior designer's use of color in her own home.
  3. Did you guys watch the new Kennedy's series? Awesome and the costume design alone is worth it!
  4. Holy Mother of Owl...this is the mother ship of owl must-haves!
  5. Check out this Jil Sander love. Great post!
  6. I am a sucker for pebbled leather and this is lovely.
  7. I can't wait to read this book and dine at his "next" restaurant.
  8. Bodysuits. What are your thoughts? This post makes me rethink my position on them.
  9. Leopard, rosette flats for summer. Yipee!
  10. Drooling over this getaway destination.
  11. A painting to describe today's weather in Chi-town.
  12. The "cooper" chair...such a classic shape. I like it in the vintage blossom citrine fabric!