Litany of Love

  1. How hot is this dress? hot is Fergie?
  2. Chicago has its own Bill Cunningham in the making!
  3. Speaking of a shoe themed shower...these are ridiculous.
  4. Lily Allen to launch a line. Intriguing.
  5. Cake pops...I will master you!
  6. The Zoe clan. Weird, Rachel looks amazing already.
  7. Everyday shorts with a little pizazz.
  8. I picture this sexy little number with a hot coral or fuchsia mini.
  9. Excited to see my newly, refurbished dresser after these guys work their magic on it!
  10. Making a trip here to find that cow hide rug...hello nesting!
  11. I love the skittle trend in clothing right now!
  12. If it weren't for Lent, these would be in my shopping cart!