Cherry on Top

Sometimes you are having a random day when the stars don't seem to be aligning. It's often on these days that you get a little surprise, a little ray of hope - something to make you smile. And a couple of week's ago...Mel made me smile by sending a little shout out my way. {I'm a little late on this one...oops} Totally unexpected but all together lovely. So I'm passing the torch on...

List 3 Things You Love About Yourself: Love is a strong word but I'm working on it.
1. It sounds weird but I think I'm pretty funny. Not stand-up-comedian-funny but I think I'm pretty quick on my feet. In fact, I've been told that I am funnier now that I am sober and preggers. Go figure.

2. I think I've become more adventurous as I've gotten older. The farther the country, the more exotic - the more I want to visit. That goes with food as well. A famous man once said..."If it looks good, eat it."

3. I'm a good gift giver. Really, I am. I put a lot of thought into what I buy friends and family pending on the occasion and there's nothing better than seeing their faces light up as they open them.

Post A Picture You Love:
I love this picture for a lot of different reasons. The first being that it includes travel which is a huge source of joy and motivation for me. I love it also because I think it's hilarious how much my hubs is sweating in this picture. {yeah, that's not water, people} And the final reason I love it is because we had a lot of fun that day. We got lost in small towns, we drank beers in random spots and basically didn't have a care in the world. That's the way vacation should be.

Pass this on to five other blogs you adore:
1. Enjoying the Small Things: Mel actually introduced me to this blog. Ironic! I fell in love with Kelle's story, her heart and her kids. She captures everyday moments and makes them magical. And she is a self-taught photographer...mega talent.

2. Express-o: Her blog is upbeat and I always discover new links and boutiques. It covers a little bit of everything and I like that. {bad for my wallet at times} The author is also very sweet.

3. This is Glamorous: I discovered this blog {like everyone else did} in the very beginning of my bloghood. And I think it's a testament that I always go back to it week after week for it's beautiful design and imagery. It's sophisticated and feminine.

4. Quick & Curious: This is a newer find to me. I like Jen because she is down-to-earth and someone I'd like to be friends with. It also helps that her pup, Jake, is ever so adorable. She gives me a daily dose of NYC when I miss it most.

5.  Une AmericaineSuburbabble: This is a tie for me and they couldn't be more opposite. Une Americaine is a childhood friend of mine who lives in Nice and posts wonderful vintage pieces and accessories. She is also beautiful having been a model turned designer. Suburbabble is funny Tina-Fey-style to me. She's a mom of two and writes like I imagine her to talk...real, sarcastic and honest. I laugh out loud quite a bit.

Be sure to give these blogs a visit. And...thank you to Mel for this sweet little treat!