Making room for baby.

I'm super excited to share two mood boards we were presented for baby girl's nursery. Let me just say that I could not be more pleased and this blogger of my little apartment really nailed our taste. Also, let this be a lesson to never underestimate the powers of the blogging community. There is some tremendous talent out there and the reason these mood boards came about was very simple: it started with one email, some unrelenting praise {me} and a meeting - look at the results!

Dean has a day job but her passion is in "creating". She is an interior/event designer and has just begun to establish her own biz called South Social & Home. I have endless admiration for entrepreneurs and this lil' blogger has cultivated quite an amazing following for her burgeoning business.

The big question is - what do you like? Why? Love to hear your feedback...
Can't wait to unveil our final choice as July approaches!