Litany of Love

  1. My vote for best dressed - I just worship this woman's style.
  2. I think this dress is just so sweet. Hello Spring!
  3. A bit reminiscent of Marc Jacobs for a fraction of the price!
  4. My #1 pick for a shower invite.
  5. This couch and those pillows. Dynamite!
  6. Looks like Hello Kitty is making a beauty.
  7. I really want a tow-head blonde daughter...and for her to wear this dress.
  8. How pretty is this bottle of nail polish?
  9. How snazzy are these stilettos?
  10. My new favorite lipstick in "English Rose."
  11. Apparently this is for dudes but I am addicted completely.
  12. I love this blogger's simple, chic style. She has a cute sense of humor, too.