Fashion crisis?!

I pride myself on having somewhat of a distinct style. I am not preppy but I can be edgy or polished or laid back. I would say I'm pretty girlie to the core. In my own way. I don't have the biggest budget but I try to develop my own "Johanna-style" whatever that is. And as I've gotten older, and sometimes cringe looking back at old photos, I think I've figured out what silhouettes look good on my body and make me feel confident.

Yeah so, confidence is a tricky thing when you have a house hanging off you. And as miraculous as the whole thing really forces you to play upon different assets. This brings me to my current dilemma. I have a wedding on the books next month and quite frankly, I'd like to feel kinda good about the way I look. You still want to look hot no matter what the scale says, right? Or is it just me? Maybe I'm being superficial here but it's the little things - blow outs, the right shade of lipstick, a fresh know.

I need your help more than ever, readers. Help me find a dress for this wedding. It's in the city at a gorgeous church and the reception is fancy but not black tie. Remember, fitted waists = no bueno. I'll show you what I found and you can chime in. {And my budget: I can't fathom spending $200, $300 on some of those formal maternity dresses so I am trying to be cost-conscious but fashionable. Capiche?}

ASOS MATERNITY Exclusive Jersey Wrap Bust Maxi Dress

ASOS MATERNITY Chiffon Corsage Babydoll Dress
Photos courtesy Asos Maternity
So what do you guys think? Do have any links worth sharing?

Any help is appreciated. Blogger powers unite!