Delayed dinner

Valentine's Day fell on our first day in Brazil however we encountered so many catastrophes that we scrapped it and delayed the "holiday" all together. When we got back we decided to spontaneously celebrate it on a Saturday evening and cook dinner. New recipes are my faves and these did not disappoint. Husband made dates stuffed with manchego cheese, wrapped in bacon!! I made turkey kebabs with a tomatillo salsa and together we made stuffed portobello mushrooms with spinach, tomato, onion and bread crumbs. It was delightful but I'm afraid we were a little over zealous as we were totally stuffed by the time the mushrooms rolled out. I think we cooked for a family of 6...normal. BUT! Dessert...we don't skip dessert at my house. I found an amazing recipe in Everyday Food for mini-mocha cheesecakes, pictured above. They were so easy to make and tasted...well, ridiculous. I froze the rest of the batch for my parents.

I highly recommend all 4 experience required! Let me know if you want the other 2 recipes!