Curious what's in our beauty closet?

When this program was first conceptualized by our team, it was hard to not let out a squeal of excitement. I mean...where can you shop exclusive, hard-to-find, luxury brands and get 50% off every product just for being a loyal reader? Oh and by the's 50% off BEAUTY PRODUCTS! This is like the ultimate Christmas list year-round and I am happy to share with you that it launches 3/21/11! Credit cards ready? Did you memorize that security code on the back? Make sure to quiz yourself because these products won't last forever. In fact, we're only selling 50 total on a weekly basis. Eeps! Did I mention it's free shipping? Oh yeah...there's that, too! The only way to snatch your loot up is to become a subscriber, it's free! Go here and look in the right hand corner to submit your email address.

The real question is...what brands or products do you want to see in our closet?