Bath Time!

photo courtesy Me Bath!
So! As I mentioned, last week wasn't my best but it ended on a high note. Husband insisted I try a bath and I obliged. I've been a little skeptical of baths since le bebe but it was the best thing ever. Know what made it so great? These guys. I was gifted two bath bombs for Christmas and completely underestimated their powers. Once you drop it in the bath tub, its effervescent qualities explode and it distributes oils and glitter all over until the ice cream scoop is completely dissolved. My skin was ultra soft and was left with a little sparkle. And the smell...amazing! According to Me Bath!, the ingredients include:

"A sweet, fruity scent with notes of juicy peach, mango, strawberry and mandarin, succulant apple blossom, tamarind, and coconut milk blended with smooth chords of vanilla, precious woods and musk. Blended with mica to add a soft shimmer to the water."

I didn't even need lotion post-bath. Seriously, buy these bath bombs!! There are so many flavors to choose from. This one and this one are next on my list! {ahem...birthday idea for the fam...}

AND IN OTHER girl is the size of a papaya this week. Wow.