Shout out!

photo courtesy Patterson Maker
I just wanted to give a shout out to some of my regular commenters in the last month or two. Aka my "little rays of sunlight". I think you ladies are the bee's knees and I wanted to say thank you for your enthusiastic responses, opinions, votes of motivation and kind words. This one goes out to Gloria, Ashleigh, Lena, Things to Do, Mel, Emily, Diana and Kate. {I hope I am not missing anyone!}

And...if you are new to this blog - go check out their blogs. They are some of the brightest, creative, down-to-earth bloggers I know and have become daily reads for me like my cup of jo in the morning!

And, and...if you recently joined my blog this week or left a sweet note about my crazy vacation welcome, welcome, welcome! Thank you for visiting!