Pregnancy Survival Kit

I saw this on another blog that I adore and I thought...well, what are my pregnancy must-haves?
Now you know! {E...yours were fantastic!}

  1. Basq Stretch Mark Butter: So far, so good. And it smells like roses which can never be a bad thing!
  2. Long and Lean tank tops: The best $8 I've spent. Perfect for layering and they have every color in the book. {find these in the Juniors, Mossimo section!}
  3. Mandarin Orange Spice tea: I get bored with drinking gallons of water and this is an alternative to my citrus cravings, decaf of course!
  4. Maybelline's "Are You Red-dy": I've finally found the red lipstick of my dreams.
  5. Snoogle Body Pillow: Weird, yes. Equivalent to drinking NyQuil. It knocks me out that fast.
  6. Navel oranges: I can't get enough. A weekly item on the grocery list.
  7. Breton striped tees: I bought mine @ Old Navy. Cheap and chic; looks cute on your burgeoning belly.
  8. Gap Gstretch pants: I repeat, these are not maternity BUT they fit no matter what stage you are in. The best!
  9. Pangea Tangerine & Thyme Facial Toner: I spray it on my face every morning...makes waking up just a little big easier. Paraben free, too.
  10. Say Yes to Cucumbers Wipes: I keep these on my nightstand for the evenings I am too tired to drag my butt to the bathroom to rinse my makeup off. Lifesaver. {98.7% all natural ingredients, too}