Litany of Love

  1. I ♥ Matchbook Magazine.
  2. For all things red and blush...
  3. Inspiration abound and bell bottom denim!
  4. Super Ebay styling and great deals!
  5. Mildly obsessed with this sparkling soda. Buy the French Berry Lemonade!
  6. Everything about her outfit is perfect. Equal parts fem + rugged.
  7. My new favorite color for winter manis.
  8. Bird is the word...even in necklaces!
  9. Sheer and leopard...a classic shirt for all times.
  10. A little settee for lounging, reading...perhaps sipping a cocktail?
  11. After this week's blizzard, enough with the Uggs...I need to get these.
  12. Signs of a scarf.