Closing in on the last January weekend, I present my antique-ing adventures. Sunday we took a little road trip up to the beautiful city of Milwaukee. And amidst cheese shops and local watering holes, you can find some pretty rad antique malls. Surprisingly you can also find a little something I like to call "JFS" which stands for "Junk for Sale." And while there was a fair share of this, I assure you, I did find some gems. Found a great deal on a pair of turquoise Foo Dogs for my bookshelves and a lovely little watercolor for the gallery wall. Both of which I'll show you in the coming days.

Some noteworthy items I am still lusting over: a. The mustard Jackie O coat with fur collar. Divine but not practical for me this season with the child growing in my stomach. b. The way cool, circus tapestries that hung all over a particular mall. If I had a big loft...I'm telling you. c. Danish furniture galore.

There you have it. An exciting and eventful weekend that left me in bed by 9pm on Sunday night with a red velvet cupcake. Normal. {Thanks Mom!}