Litany of Love

  1. Floaty and colorful resort wear. Can you tell where my head's at?
  2. Holy Toledo - look at this wedding cake. Amazeballs.
  3. The perfect utilitarian tote. This must be restocked pronto.
  4. Shut the door - this is my dream sofa. Completely impractical but so juicy.
  5. Someone buy this outfit and wear it on a Valentine's date, please.
  6. Award-worthy "before and after's". So original!
  7. My new fave lipstick in "Are you Red-dy"! Finally I found my shade of red courtesy Emily!
  8. Best sleep pants ever...I can't get them out of the dryer fast enough.
  9. Craving this ruffle top and a glass of lemonade.
  10. Texture and comfort in a sandal. Sold.
  11. Great celeb pictorial. The photography is quite lovely.
  12. I would like a set of these in white or turquoise for my book shelf. Seen any?