Litany of Love

  1. Perfect for work into date night.
  2. Valentine's Day is around the corner...ahem.
  3. These are hot. With a capital H.
  4. I've made a decision and I am buying these for the kitchen wafer.
  5. Also while I am at cute is this table? And the name...c'mon!
  6. I love this quilt.
  7. For the donut lover in your life. Awesometown. Look at this one, too!
  8. Just ordered these sippin' straws and I can't wait to have a big glass of OJ to go with them!
  9. It's changing again? I think I like the new version!
  10. Such a sweet print - going in the boudoir.
  11. Check out the WILDFOX White Label Look Book. So ethereal and feminine and punk altogether!
  12. Food photography always makes me hungry.