Laser beams

Turning another 30-something number; it seems to evoke a sense of dread in all of us. What's exciting after 21 and 30? I'll tell you. Unabashed fun with laser beams and light up vests on your 33rd birthday - yeah, that changes everything. Saturday was F-U-N. One thing I learned though - you can't play laser tag when you're pregnant. Who knew? Something about infrared laser beams and running mixed with getting body slammed by your components... So I became the resident photographer. I was originally on "Team Missionary" and then there was the other team husband was on...I can't say their name on blog. Let's just say there was a lot of trash talking, whooping and even a man down during these laser shenanigans. Solid 33-year-old fun is what I say! And Happy Birthday Jeff!