My goal is to experience all of the above on what could be my last vacation until the second coming of Christ. {Yes, I am being uber dramatic about this because a whole lot is going to change very quickly.} To that end, I am doing jumping jacks as I type this because our flights have been booked and we are going with an entourage of friends. Group trip! 

photos courtesy We Heart It
And here's to hoping that when we return from Brasil {as the Cariocas say...} that we embody this exact image above. It's doable right? I mean...maybe we won't get as dark as the natives but I think the rest is attainable.

P.S. - I am going to drink a ton of real Coca-Cola on this trip. They have the real stuff there. Big pimpin'.
P.P.S. - Lucy is famous. She made it on Desire to Inspire today which just happens to be a design blog I greatly admire. Check 'er out!