What's in my bag?

Every woman carries a lot of "stuff" in their purse. Clearly I am no exception. And nothing intrigues me more than finding out what the average woman carries in her bag. You never know what beauty gem you may pick up along the way so here's mine: {from left to right}
  • Canon camera...always
  • Kate Spade change purse that is really used for holding a million frequent shopper cards {whoops}
  • comb because my long hair becomes a nest by the end of the day
  • pen
  • spearmint gum...always spearmint
  • mirror compact
  • clutch wallet...can't fit much but it does fit into my clutches - bonus!
  • hand sanitizer
  • mints...in case gum won't do {I hate Bacardi by the way}
  • pedometer...yes, I am a dork
  • hard candy...did I mention I have a sweet tooth?
  • assortment of glosses...because you can never have too many
    • Softlips balm
    • Softlips gloss in coral
    • Urban Decay gloss "lip junkie"...you saw it here
    • NYX gloss in "dolly"...you saw it here
    • MAC lip glass in "Aphrodite"
    • MAC lip glass in ?...label ripped off
  • Nivea hand creme...the best stuff on earth
  • Physicians Formula organic wear pressed powder and bronzer in one
  • Urban Outfitters cigarette case used for business cards
I can tell you that I generally I keep about 20 more glosses in my bag but these are my current favorites. What's in your bag? Do tell!