Litany of Love

Happy Holidays Blogettes!
  1. Dainty, gold earrings for the lady!
  2. I have a thing for autobiographies...especially ones written by rock stars.
  3. Everyone needs one of these.
  4. Why don't they make these for adults? Ain't she snazzy?
  5. A perfect mix of oxford and pump. Love!
  6. This is a great, winter maxi dress. Boots or pick!
  7. A festive dog toy. Must get one for Lucy!
  8. I would happily try to incorporate this into my everyday wardrobe.
  9. A decadent, delicious body butter for any spa connoisseur.
  10. Bright tights cheer up any winter outfit. I would like these in magenta.
  11. We all need a great, swingy skirt...I am currently ogling this one.
  12. Everyone needs to watch this kookie animal video. Hilar.