Litany of Love

Just in case you didn't finish your wish list for the big guy in red... Heard he's coming to town!
  1. Glittering, gold bars of holiday soapiness.
  2. Pajama pants that speak my language: DIAMONDS!
  3. This blog has become an almost daily read for me. It's inspiring & colorful & heartwarming all together.
  4. A vibrant neoprene laptop Mr. Jacobs.
  5. The hippest cosmetic case with adorable illustrations.
  6. A pretty, little headband for the days that your hair just won't cooperate.
  7. A gift for your adorable, geeky old-school sweatshirt.
  8. A stunning bride...this girl can do no wrong in my books.
  9. A glittery deer to bring holiday cheer!
  10. I received one of these lil' ducks last night from a coworker. Covered in sequins = awesome!
  11. If you can pamper yourself with one of the best skincare this. Absolute fabulosity.
  12. Gifted this amazing set and cannot stop playing with it. So many ways to create a holiday look!