Litany of Love

Cheers many goodies on the interweb this week:
  1. I would just look down at these and smile every morning.
  2. Equal parts cool and rustic; no matter what your aesthetic is.
  3. The perfect texting gloves in cashmere. I would get them in bright turquoise. {thanks Liberty London Girl}
  4. I love these frames with or without pictures in them. A statement piece all on their own!
  5. This belt would make any outfit an A+.
  6. Just stunning...dress, hair, all of the above.
  7. Sack dresses are the best and I am particularly fond of this one.
  8. Rolling out cocktails on this would just be supreme!
  9. The Fetch Club in NYC...a new spa retreat for DOGS! Wha?!?!
  10. Purple agate promotes happiness and good health. I'd wear it everyday for those two reason alone!
  11. Silhouettes make me smile. So cute for a kid's room.
  12. Another pretty frock - vintage is the new black.