Litany of Love

So much linkage love now that the holidays are upon us...

  1. These homemade headbands are darling. And I love her blog!
  2. A gorgeous home and fashionista captured by Rue Magazine.
  3. I saw this skirt in person last week. Paired with a bright red sweater and statement necklace...coveting.
  4. A giant macaroon photo. Delish.
  5. Reduce, reuse and recycle. And this bag is bananas!
  6. I kinda love this bathing suit as a post holiday concession to the beach.
  7. The perfect pair of pants for the holidays...with room to grow!
  8. These leggings will spruce up any LBD.
  9. An artful wine rack that any wine-o would love!
  10. Whoa. I need these french bull dog bookends pronto. TDF.
  11. Can I just have one more pair of shoes? Just these and I promise I am done least a month.
  12. Miss Carrie is glowing. Could she get any purdier? And where can I get that dress?