Chocolate Won Tons

Last night, my girl Tiff and I baked up some Christmas confections for our company party tomorrow. We opted for a Martha recipe: Chocolate Won Tons. And while we were a little nervous at testing the waters for the first time with no practice...I can confidently tell you that these little morsels turned out delish. So delish that Tiff refused to take any extra for fear of consuming more on her way home. Here's the recipe:
  • Won Ton wrappers
  • 3 oz. Ghirardelli milk chocolate morsels/chunks
  • 2.5 cups of vegetable oil
  • 2 cups of confectioner's sugar
  • 2 large eggs
First crack an egg into a small ramekin and beat rapidly. Next lay out your won tons on a flat surface. Take a brush and dip into the beaten egg mixture and paint the edges of your won ton for sticking purposes. Grab five small Ghirardelli morsels/chunks and line them in the middle or your won ton. Fold won ton over and press the edges firmly to seal the insides where the egg was painted. Finally, heat up your skillet with 2.5 cups of vegetable oil and place five or six won tons in at a time. Let them fry up for two minutes, flipping occasionally. Upon removal, drain won tons on a kitchen or paper towel and then immediately drop into 2 cups of confectioner's sugar until evenly coated on both sides.

Voila! Our company colors are vibrant pinks and oranges so we wrapped a handful of won tons in plastic baggies and wrote custom fortunes to be placed in bright carry-out containers like the above. Adorn with a decorative ribbon and you are on your way.

Enjoy - they are addicting!