To my grandma...

photo courtesy We Heart It
Today is my Grandma's 91st birthday. Happy Birthday to my one and only!
{she's the guys would like her}

She'd do cool things for us as kids like:
  1. take me to the toy store and buy me a new barbie with every visit
  2. make up bedtime fairytales and assure me that vampires did not live in her attic
  3. letting me play dress up and try on all her jewelry
  4. make me a snack upon request and it was generally something peculiar like peeled shrimp
  5. teach my brother and I how to play War and Go Fish!
  6. spoil us at Christmas time...every Christmas...still does!
  7. be the first to vote "yes" on any new idea I matter how crazy it was
  8. dig up old pictures of our grandpa {her husband} from his swimming years to every odd job he took on in between
  9. babysit my brother and I for the weekend and she would tell us that we were going to throw a big party as my parents walked out the door
  10. last but not grandma bought me a very memorable cassette that I had requested on my xmas list after my mother said "no" - and it was "Appetite for Destruction" GNR {awesome}
...for that and many other reasons - I ♥ my Grandma.