Litany of Love

Here's my link love for this week:
  1. I love me some fur on a coat...especially for this price.
  2. These are just too perfect for the holidays!
  3. Some of the tastiest scone and cupcakes mixes you could whip up!
  4. Blake Lively is sizzling hot!
  5. It's Nutcracker season and this photographer captured the beauty of ballet costumes! Thanks Domestikated Life!
  6. A leopard topper is a must have this season!
  7. I really got a kick {pun intended} out of these brass legs. Book ends? Cool sculptural piece?
  8. These boots make my heart flutter. Thanks for pointing these out Belle Maison!
  9. How sweet are these notecards?
  10. Waiting excitedly for these curtains to arrive for my office! {in black of course!}
  11. It's not too early to smell like gingerbread...all over your body.
  12. With a sequin skirt and pale pink blouse...oooh how I love thee!