Vampire Bites

photos courtesy Urban Decay
I've packed up the summer glossies and moved onto Fall lip stains. Smart you say? I agree. And while I don’t subscribe to The Vampire Diaries…I don’t go bananas over Twilight…I still appreciate the “vamp” look and it is after all, October. So here it goes…I am in love with “Love Junkie” by Urban Decay. It smells and tastes like peppermint and looks like I have a fresh coat of varnish on my lips. Yeah, I like them super slick! From the source describing the Lip Junkie Gloss in “Love Junkie”, this is a “deep but very sheer wine” tint. The way I see it – it looks like a vampire bite. Just a tiny hint of purplish-red in the gloss but sheer to the sheerest! It’s $16…go buy it. Even if you do get a vampire bite come All Hallow’s Eve - at least your breath will smell like peppermint. Roar!