Stiletto Steals

photos courtesy Aldo
This week's edition of "Stiletto Steals" is brought to you by Aldo. I couldn't pass these up. They just scream Fall to me and this shade of ruby red is so enticing. It's a nice change of pace to your black stiletto staples. The "Botkins" have that luxe suede look for a reasonable price - $90. But oh' the versatility - plus I am a sucker for 3" heels. Who doesn't want longer legs? I especially love the side scalloping as an added surprise. Last but not least, the toe bed has that same shape as my beloved and coveted Loubies {I will own you!} that show just enough toe cleavage but not too much. Somehow it makes your foot look sexier...but we will leave that to the Shoe Gods. I am just a girl hungry for more heels. xo