Stiletto Steals

This week's edition of "Stiletto Steals" is a double-header! Woot! So, here's the background. I met a lovely blogger with impeccable style at one of Pretty City's spa events. {be sure to check out her blog - she is a Chicago gal with great taste} She had an amazing pair of patent leather peep toes. And to boot - they were blue! Truth be told, I have been dreaming about them every since. She gave me her card on the way out and low and behold - her blog had a picture of her wearing them so you know what I did, right? I asked where she got 'em and she was kind enough to share with me the following links:
The Enzo peep toe

The Calvin Klein peep toe

Either way you shake it - they are both a great deal ranging from $58 to $99! My vote is for the Enzo's which are sitting in my shopping basket as we speak. They are just the right shade of my office walls! Enjoy and happy shopping! 

Thanks Sandra for your help!

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