The fabulous birthday boys...

Husband and Aren celebrate Fall birthdays. Husband and Aren go way back. Like to the days of spiked hair, leather jackets and fraternity hazing. The girls thought a double-header birthday would be the perfect way to celebrate all of their finding amazing ladies that spoil them for their birthdays.

Aren and Clara are loads of fun. In fact, we are looking forward to their October nuptials. And when I say fun...let me explain. For their signature drink, this couple is serving up whiskey shooters during their cocktail hour. Yeah...that kind of fun.

Husband and me. {Secretly I am bummed that we took "first available" and had to sit outside. Admittedly I had a really cute outfit on but instead, had to hide my cute, leather shorts and lacey top with a sheet pashmina}

This is husband declaring that this might just be his best birthday yet. Clearly you can see my excitement at his proclamation. I am going to pat myself on the back now. {Technically husband's birthday is next week so you can imagine all the tricks I have up my sleeve for next weekend.}