DIY Project: vintage chair

See this guy, he's seen better days. But, as you know, all furniture has 9 lives like a cat...'er something. I picked up this beauty for $25. And yes, I had a vision, friends. I have been slowly renovating "blah" bedroom to an office with "flair" for dear, old moi. And this chair is where I will conduct all my serious interviews while drafting award-winning marketing campaigns. {right? right!}

My plan is to paint the frame black. The room itself was a yuck, latte color and is now a vibrant, Tiffany blue {pics to come!} I have blue walls, a black desk, a zebra, print office chair and now I need accent pieces! I want to reupholster this guy hence I am soliciting your votes. Remember, office = flair. This ain't no Corporate America cubicle. Here are the fabrics in the running:
Tone on tone damask?

Missoni-ish print?

Forever fuchsia?

Classic damask?
What do you lovebirds think? Either I have officially entered Crazytown or I just might be onto something here. But, in the event that I have entered Crazytown...send me a sample of what you think I should reupholster this chair with. I am open to ideas! xo

P.S. Don't forget to enter yesterday's giveaway. The rules are simple; winner will be chosen next Tuesday.