***NEW SERIES*** Stiletto Steals!

Photos courtesy Steve Madden
New Series! New Series! I have been noticing that every week or just about, I am posting some shoe that I am currently lusting over. So let's stop beating our head against the wall shall we? While I really enjoyed my little feel-good series, "Things that make me smile," I wanted to change it up and be....a little materialistic perhaps? That's ok. I claim it. Some of you have sent me links and images to shoes you thought I would lust after and you were right! Thank you! So with that said, Thursday's will now be "Stiletto Steals" Not sure about the name yet but here we go...

I saw these gems whilst walking through Nordstroms the other weekend. Yes, I said walking through because I need to speed walk through any store these days or my wallet crawls out of my purse. Weird, I know. BUT! These...man, I had to wipe the drool off. They are large and in charge. Gold glitter, pink soles, just the right height...are you convinced yet? This pair would work all  year-round and why save them up for fancy occasions? Rock these with your LBD at the next board meeting. I mean...no one looks back and thinks, "Gosh, I wish I would have wore conservative shoes at that board meeting." Right?!

I want to hear from you! Send me your ideas. What shoes are sitting in your shopping cart? xo

P.S. Mom: I know you are lusting after those Loubs. This is your chance.