Urban Outfit Me!

Yellow Scalloped Short

Purple Romper
Pastel ruffle tank

I don't know why I haven't been shopping at Urban Outfitters lately but that's about to change. Purchased the above pieces in between meetings the other day. I am in heaven: light, airy pieces that scream Summer. And the ruffles...oh the ruffles. There are literally a zillion more things I want to go back and get. Here are a few:

Ruched sleeves and short skirts. LOVE!
Accentuated shoulders and lace. SWOON!
Sheer, lightweight and watercolor. ADORE!
Silky tap shorts to pair with summer heels? DONE!

See what I mean? There are a dozen more items I would like to scoop up so happy shopping campers. And a Happy Friday, indeed!