Things that make me smile...

photos courtesy The Spork Project
This week's edition of "Things that make me smile" hails from a beloved friend, past colleague and all-around hip chick...Miss Lisa of The Spork Project! Lisa is passionate about a lot o' things including her uber, cute boyfriend, Nick. They created this blog project documenting their love of technology, cooking, long distance relationships, coffee and! Aside from being a career girl, Lisa somehow finds time to share her colorful and creative ideas with it cooking new recipes or starting her own accessory line; this is a gal you are definitely going to want hold a weekly coffee clutch with. Here is something that makes Lisa smile...

"...Things I love: spring brunches with new friends.
I've always been blessed to have close friends constantly around. In fact, I can vividly remember days where I'd question if I'd ever have alone time again since my schedules were packed with dinners, parties, events, weddings etc. Then everything changed.

My best friends moved to: Indianapolis, San Francisco, New York and Minneapolis and my boyfriend moved to DC all within a 2-year span. Heartbreak.

With this abundance of "alone time" I've been able to learn how to cook, bake and ... force myself out there and make new friends. It's hard being a 20-something, out-of-college woman trying to meet new friends without coming off like a creep. But I managed to create a brand new circle of culinary arts pals that have changed my life. We bake and cook together and I am now teaching them how to roast homemade coffee beans.

I miss my original crew and boyfriend like crazy but having these monthly brunch parties helps fill that void and I am forever grateful. And, who doesn't love to eat?"

Lisa...I am still waiting for my brunch invitation. Kidding! Keep on inspiring and sharing those recipes with us!