Interior shift

photo courtesy Canadian House and Home found on Peppermint Bliss
photos courtesy Canadian House and Home found on Peppermint Bliss
...can't remember where I found this but I had to post because I think I definitely need cupcake pillows!
photo courtesy Elle Decor: Cynthia Rowley's dining room found on Peppermint Bliss
Moving day is not too far away and I have become obsessed {again} with furniture, decor, wall coverings and antiques. Every single room pictured above has an element{s} that I fact, I would take each room "to-go" and be A-OK. I fear that some of these luxe looks fall outside my budget or will not meet the tastes of The boy or are not too practical once a family grows. It's fun to gaze and wish though. I think the overall trend is that I ♥ lots of color, patterns and vignettes.