Extra estrogen!

I had a tremendous weekend. Talk about productive. The boy was away on a double bachelor party so I decided to get some much needed girl time in. My weekend was spent:
  1. catching up on my "chick" shows
  2. reading my favorite blogs
  3. brunching with my newly, engaged friend, Shawn. It's a sparkler! So happy for her!
  4. eating some sush and catching up with my fav local, jewelry designer, Kristen. She's a doll and good friend.
  5. imbibing with my girl, Tanya in Bucktown. Perhaps a bit too much.
  6. mistakenly thinking the Antique Market was yesterday and headin' out to meet pal, Felicia, only to find it's next weekend! So we decided to eat instead. Weird...I know.
And then The boy came home and that was lovely. I love girl weekends! What did you guys do?