Award ceremony.

In keeping with tradition...I wanted to pass on the Beautiful Blogger award and spread the love. By definition:

Beautiful blogger – to the bloggers who consistently produce beautiful images and ideas which are so often a spring board for the imagination

And the Oscar...I mean BB Award goes to:
  • The Rockstar Diaries: I love this husband and wife team's outlook on life. They make me smile and I have an addiction to bulldogs. Plus they take great photos!
  • Jaeve +Things: She's really adorable and creative. I feel like she has a vision and it's been fun watching her thoughts evolve in the shape of blog entries. She's really well-read, too which I appreciate!
  • Looks Good to Me: Truly an original. She is an artist and her daily blog entries translate to her own paintings which are integral to every post. I like her sense of humor, too! 

There are so many blogs I enjoy reading and the list is quickly growing but these stand out for me. I can't wait to discover more and be inspired by YOU!