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Eureka Marika.

Imma gonna shoot you straight. I don't look forward to working out. It's hard. It takes an entire internal conversation to force myself into sneakers. Like all of us, when I'm done - I feel fantastic! Before kids I ran 45 minutes daily intermixed with biweekly pilates sessions. Diapers took over my life and I found myself craving that "me" time. That one hour of head-clearing, Jay-Z jamming, heaving sweating, heart pounding, body rockin' toning that only a run outside can offer. 

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Tribal brights.

When it's hot and humid, the only I can stand to wear is a flowy dress. I can match just about any accessory in my jewelry box to this one, too - helpful when I want to create an entirely different look. And since Chicago has taken on the likes of San Fran in the mornings and Florida by mid-afternoon...this dress fits the bill.

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