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Show your stripes.

Last week, my youngest approached me while getting ready for school and lifted up her shirt in the mirror and said, “Mom, I look bloated.” At that moment, I thought to myself, “My god…you have got to stop talking about your body, Johanna.” There I said it. I do all this work on the sidelines but the person who least appreciates it is…ME!

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Work mode. <5 essential tips for finding your style>

I shutter to think what I wore to my first job out of school. More awkward than anything. A small budget while trying to navigate my personal style as a young 20-something. The reality is that I didn't figure out my personal style until really about two years ago and I am 40. This could also be largely attributed to the fact that my body has changed with birthing two humans. Regardless, I am comfortable in the skin I'm in and I know what works for my body. This doesn't mean that I don't have occasional missteps but on the whole, I've widdled my closet down to a pretty curated collection.

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Gone with the wind.

So here we are. Day 3 of me trying to complete a singular blog post this week and it's 9:20pm on Wednesday night. I am a writer by trade so you can imagine how incredibly unnerving this is for me. I used to crank out five posts a week with ease. And now...I am lucky if I manage two a week. Why? Well...

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