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Vacation + why I will never be able to disconnect.

I just returned from another Mexican adventure. Let me start with the simple fact that Mexico is always a good idea. Always. Two back to back trips further cemented my love for this country. That said, with any travel comes tiny moments of clarity. Some are welcome and some are just a drag to face. So let's start with the good stuff...

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Guadalajara: Day 4

The finalé of our Guadalajara trip was unpredictable which is about the only thing that remained consistent about this vacation. Every turn resulted in some sort of cultural surprise that I am quite sure I'll never be able to replicate again. The little details make writing these posts so challenging because one detail missed makes the story incomplete...I'll do my best!

If you missed it, I am recapping my trip to Guadalajara here: Day 1,  Day 2 and Day 3. My group included: JenJanetEricka, me, Corri and Helen

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Guadalajara: Day 3 <1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila...floor!>

If you're going to do Mexico right, you have to drink tequila. As an aside, I also drink tequila in Illinois. I'm versatile like that. My husband is so lucky. 

Day 3 was one for the books. We experienced our biggest surprise if this trip couldn't get any better. We woke up to our usual program and were dressed and ready to go early. We knew one thing and that was that we were going to tequila country to learn and tour for the day. No complaints there. But how we were getting there was the big question mark.

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Dear Fellow Momma: you need a vacation + here's why...

Hey you!! Are you a mom? Are you stressed, run down, low on patience and tired of stepping on Barbie's shoes or Batman's legos?

This is a PSA: You need a vacation! And you can trust your ol' girl Johanna, here because I just returned from an incredibly fulfilling trip to Mexico. <full recap next week> I didn't think it would ever be possible but I ACTUALLY relaxed. The kind of "relaxed" that makes you so chill that even your girlfriend looks at you one day and asks if you're okay because you are sooo quiet. Quiet, for me, at least = blissed out. 

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