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#LoveLearning: Play Ball!

School has begun! What a whirlwind week y'all! Happy to report that both kiddos seem happy and well adjusted. Let's all hi-5! Speaking of hi-5's, Dad chose this week's book reco as his favorite by far. And you'll see why. This week's Brightly Book is: Magic Tree House: A Big Day for Baseball. This Land's End weekly book recommendation also seems custom tailored to our little family. Here are the cliff notes:

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#LoveLearning: You are wonder-ful!

We loved loved loved this week's Brightly Book: We're All Wonders. It explores the differences in all of us which came at a tremendous time as my girls have been incredibly inquisitive about hair color, skin color and beyond. This Land's End weekly book recommendation also seems custom tailored to our little family. Here are the cliff notes:

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#LoveLearning this summer with Lands' End!

Parental friends! I am so excited to be partnering with Lands' End on a special summer initiative regarding our littles...because let's face it, we all want to keep them entertained but we often forget that fun doesn't mean a three-ring circus daily. Sometimes it's about revisiting the basics. By basics I am referring to keeping learning fun and ensuring that they stay fresh as a new school year approaches. Hard to even wrap our heads around, right? 

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Vacation + why I will never be able to disconnect.

I just returned from another Mexican adventure. Let me start with the simple fact that Mexico is always a good idea. Always. Two back to back trips further cemented my love for this country. That said, with any travel comes tiny moments of clarity. Some are welcome and some are just a drag to face. So let's start with the good stuff...

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Family dinner @ Cucina Paradiso.

Sunday dinner is an event for us every weekend. As it should be. We run around like crazies all week long and it's our first real opportunity to relax and chat. Outside of this one hour it's birthday parties and errand running and special every family in America. While we do spend a lot of time together as a family, it's not until a delicious dinner is in front of us that we actually pause and have conversation. Kind of crazy that it takes six days to get to that but I suppose that will be our new norm.

Cucina Paradiso is home to some of the best, authentic Italian cuisine here in Chicagoland.

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Mother's Day is covered! Brunch for 8 @ Eddie V's! (GIVEAWAY)

If you haven't thought about Mother's Day, it's time to get to it. May 14 is closer than you think!

In recent years, I've discovered that it's not about the gift or the pampering. If yesterday's post wasn't an indicator that I am not the spa type, read here. For me, it's about spending the day and having an experience with my family with a side of "me" time.

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