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Water therapy @ Kohler Waters Spa in Burr Ridge!


Kohler Spa is synonymous with luxury. The best of the best. I've had the pleasure of visiting The American Club in WI for a weekend but never before did I know that luxury was only a short 30-minute drive from my home sans overnight stay. 

If you haven't visited the Kohler Waters Spa in Burr Ridge - you're missing out! Located in the Burr Ridge Village Center you can find the spa nestled in the middle between high end shopping, dining, movies and more. One could easily make a day of this destination and come home fully rested and rejuvenated.

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Beauty 411: A Brand New Skincare Routine

I've always had a good skincare routine. Cleanse in my morning shower followed up by a toner, moisturizer and eye cream. Standard but I felt it was better than the alternative and I very rarely went to bed with makeup on. The same routine ensued in the evenings with a weekly addition being a gommage or facial scrub to slough off dead cells. 

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Beauty 411: Glam Express

Every woman wants to be glamorous. Find me one that doesn't. And if you're on the go, be it a mom or a career woman, there's nothing like being pampered even if for a hot second. Or 45 minutes in my case. Meet The Glam Express - a full service beauty bar complete with nail services as well as blow outs, extensions and makeup. Their mission is simple: they provide fast, affordable glam.

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Beauty 411: Spavia

Networking all these years has offered me wonderful friendships that have outlived any job I've had in the past. I suppose that's why I love it so much. When a very dear friend and former client reached out to me offering me the opportunity to tour and receive a treatment at Spavia Lincoln Park, I very gratefully accepted. It's almost as if she read my mind...or saw the tension in my shoulders. Whichever one comes first!

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